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    Kongsberg Kulturskole is a public service institution which aims to give all children the opportunity to learn visual and performing arts. Kongsberg Kulturskole strives to be a community center of the arts.

    We offer instruction on a variety of instruments and other areas of arts (individually or in small groups) on a weekly basis throughout the year:

    Students are given regular opportunities to share what they are learning in performances and exhibitions both inside and outside of the school.

    Kongsberg kulturskole manages «Sølvtråden – Den Kulturelle Skole- og Barnehagesekken» - a program where the public schools are offered concerts, art projects, music projects, movies etc performed and instructed by professional artists.

    Kongsberg Kulturskole manages «Den Blå Timen» - a program offering visual as well as performing arts to the elderly living in care institutions

    Kongsberg Kulturskole is situated in Kirketorget 3 - Bergseminaret (main building and administration). Classrooms and lesson rooms are located at EnergiMølla, Rådhuskantina and several schools in the area as well.

    Kongsberg Kulturskole has 32 part-time and full-time teachers.

    Kongsberg Kulturskole has approximately 480 students. In addition we serve local bands, orchestras, choir etc. with lessons and conductors.

    Tuition is 2.472,- per academic year (1.236,- per semester)