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    Kongsberg is a municipality in Southeastern Norway. It covers an area of 792.5 sq kilometres (306 sq miles) and has 25000 inhabitants (as of september 2010).

    The municipality is a local government agency and the administration offers its inhabitants and businesses several services. A selection of departments are:

    Physical planning and economic development, Technical services (roads, water supply and more), Kindergartens, Schools, Health, Culture and more

    More information

    The information desk at City hall can help you with more information regarding the services we provide. Their contact info is:

    Phone: +47 32 86 62 50 Fax: +47 32 86 62 20

    Email: servicetorget@kongsberg.kommune.no Formal emails/inqueries must be sent to: postmottak@kongsberg.kommune.no

    Adress: Kirkegata 1 Postal adress: Pb. 115, 3602 Kongsberg, Norway

    About Kongsberg

    Kongsberg (lit. "The King's Mountain") is a municipality and town at the southern end of the Numedal valley, in the county of Buskerud, Norway. The town was founded in 1624 under the name Konings Bierg by Danish/Norwegian king Christian IV as a mining community, and was granted its royal charter of trade - amounting to official township - in 1802.

    Main highways are the E134, crossing Kongsberg east-west (and connected to the E18 to Oslo), and National Highway No. 40 (Riksvei 40), going north-south. Sørlandsbanen railwayline stops at Kongsberg station, with connection to local and regional bus lines.

    Kongsberg is particularly known for its old silver mines, from which roughly 1,350 tonnes of silver was extracted between the discovery of silver ore seams in 1623, and the last year of mining, in 1957.

    The Government established a defence industry in 1814. During peaceful times, the defence industry gradually evolved into many other kinds of high-tech activities as well, now dominating the town's employment.

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